At SHEMFORD Jhansi, the teaching-learning process is both child-friendly as well as education-friendly thus, aiming at the holistic development of our SHEMFORD Stars.
SHEMFORD FUTURISTIC School, Jhansi uses modern classroom teaching methods like Multimedia Interactive Boards and Audio Visual Aids. The team of experienced teachers at our school focuses on the holistic development of the students with the help of the proven ShemEduMAXTM School System & Curriculum, that lays special emphasis on out-of-the-classroom learning and encourages students to participate in various sports, cultural and literary activities.

The learning imparted in the school is activity oriented, with plenty of practical work and provisions for concrete learning experiences, rather than mere bookish learning. Our school combines the best of Academics, Sports & Activities with Life Skills, thus preparing the young Stars of Tomorrow.

The school strictly adheres to the CBSE pattern and follows the guidelines laid down by the CBSE, Delhi. For information related to the admission criteria and procedure, kindly visit

Transport Facility
We offer transport facilities to all major areas in and around Jhansi. SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Jhansi provides transport facility mainly to the following areas:
• Raksa
• Dinara
• Babina
• Jhokan Bagh
• Manik Chowk
• Sipri
• Nagra
• Khati Baba
• Sadar
• Medical College